My dear brothers and sisters and friends,God bless you all for your most generous outpouring of love and affection for me and my family in this battle that we find ourselves in.I would like to update you with the precise information that we have at this time and in doing so to show you how God is working thru your prayers.Just before Christmas I was experiencing pains in my lower esophagus. An appointment was made to have an endoscopy of that area on Christmas Eve. During the investigation the doctor saw a large tumor which had polyps attached to it that looked suspicious to the doctor. He at that time took 3 biopsies.On New Year´s Eve, I was called to meet with the Upper GI surgeon who told me that the area of the esophagus and the upper part of the stomach had cancer. He advised me that it was very probable that they would have to immediately remove the esophagus and part of the stomach and approximately 100 to 150 lymph nodes surrounding those areas. That this was a very big operation whereby they would have to pull up the remainder of the stomach and attach it to the remaining gullet and it would take 8 to 10 months to recover but of course I would not be the same. However, they wanted to do more in depth tests to see how far the cancer may have spread to the stomach and other organs before they carried out this life changing operation.On January 3rd, I went to the hospital for a CT scan. While the doctor was about to inject me with the solution they use I asked what it contained. He said: ¨iodine¨ among other things. I told him that by the Grace of God at the last moment this came up as I was extremely allergic to iodine and that injection could have been life threatening. So the scan was downgraded to a scan without the solution. Because of this, a further CT scan with another type of solution and a nuclear medicine PET scan were taken on the 4th of January along with a heart ECG.A test was scheduled to go into the stomach with cameras on January 8th.  When I went into the hospital on January 7th for the pre assessment before the operation which was to happen on January 8th, the operation was suddenly cancelled and was rescheduled for 7 days later. Later in the afternoon of January 7th,  I was called to the office of the surgeon who had the CT scan and PET scan results with very surprising news. They detected cancerous lesions on the liver and in the shoulder. The other scan detected emphysema in both lungs. In addition I needed an angiogram to remove a blockage in my heart if I was going to have the resection of the esophagus and stomach.When the surgeon got this news, he cancelled the pending resection operation and the laparoscopy of the stomach and all other investigations that were pending as there was no need if the cancer had gone into the liver.It was at this time that I was told that I had one year give or take six months and had to begin an 18 week chemo and radiation therapy to try to give me that time.It was at this moment that a liver biopsy was ordered to confirm the findings of the scans as nothing further was going to be done to cure the cancer, only to try to control it for as long as possible, if the biopsy confirmed the scans findings.A biopsy into the liver was scheduled for the 14th of January. When I went into the hospital on that date and was being prepared for the operation, I asked the doctor if he realized that I was on blood thinning medication. He immediately cancelled the operation and rescheduled it for the 24th of January because the liver is a vascular organ and I could have hemorrhaged as the liver is filled with blood.I mention all of these things to show you how the hand of God is moving this. The doctors tell me at this point that I have liver metastases with a GOJ gastro tumors and adenocarcinomas whose staging is T3 N1 M1, with investigations needed for lung and heart function and further biopsy of the liver with another type of ultrasound for the esophagus as it is getting worse in terms of swallowing and constant pain.However on three occasions operations have been cancelled and by the Grace of God two incidences avoided that could have been life threatening. The confusion surrounding this whole thing is something to say the least.I met the oncologist who wants to begin at once a radical regime of chemo therapy but I have asked him to please wait until I can try some alternative medicines and a trip to Lourdes. He understood and agreed and gave me until the 6th of February.So now you have all the news....I am seeking a second opinion from a U.S. specialist and will be trying three well respected alternative medicines, two of which I have begun on the 12th.But all of my trust, hope and faith is on God. I am at peace. My only prayer is for my family, for this Mission, and that I may have the purity of heart necessary to endure the suffering that will come in the name of all those who do not have God and be able to offer everything in that way.As far as the Mission is concerned, everything is in place with or without me and I am sure Our Lady is in complete control. Many wonderful signs are emerging within the Mission. Many people are uniting, coming together, many people are making a real effort to expand the Mission, many Bishops and Archbishops and Religious are making wonder efforts to assist; many, many, many groups of people have come together to offer their support, prayers, sacrifices, Masses, adoration etc.It is simply wonderful to see what is taking place. So for me, please don't be sad or worried as I love God very much and I know that being the case, there is never a need to worry about anything...only pray, hope and don't worry as the beloved Pío says.Thank you again for your love for me and my family who is taking this very hard. Please keep them close in your prayers. Please continue to pray for us as at the moment things are not looking the best but together, united, begging Our Lord for his Divine Mercy, we cannot fail. I will keep you updated.God bless you all and thank you again for praying for this old worn out preacher who loves you all......But has not given up and by the Grace and Will of God will be pestering you for a long time to come.LoveRick
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