My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,This is turning out to be a very surprising journey....I am learning a lot about my life and those who I know as i now am in a situation which encourages reflection. I am learning just how mistaken and wrong I have beenabout many things. The first is family.In our everyday lives many of us take our families for granted. We see them as our responsibility and commitment but sometimes because they have been with us for all or much of our lives we forget the heart of each one. That is what I am seeing. Just how deeply I am loved by many in my family including my extended family. In taking love for granted it becomes a real eye opener just how deep and real it can be as I am being taught each day how real love and closeness really should be.In those that I know, in those who are friends, I also took it for granted in the past. I am being shown now how mistaken I was to take things for granted as many, many of these people are truly genuinely concerned and going way out of their way to make sure my family and I are ok. Continually informing me about other possible health alternatives, wanting to know each week how i am feeling, do we need anything, etc. It is honestly amazing especially those who I thought were not really close and especially those who I thought were against me. How wrong we can be as we become deceived in our thoughts versus the reality of how people really perceive us.The thousands upon thousands of people all over the world who have heard about this challenge that I and my family are facing that are responding in huge numbers with their continued prayer, masses, fasting, adoration, rosaries, gatherings etc., it is just amazing and very very humbling.It puts all of this into perspective as you see how God is using this; turning something that is bad into something wonderful. It is the love of God that is touching hearts helping us all to understand and accept theneed to love one another and depend on God and His existence within each of us to heal each of us when we are most in need but also due to all of our intercession to Him for one another. I can feel that overwhelming love that is coming from each person who God is touching to become part of this remarkable outpouring of faith, hope and trust in the power of prayer and the existence and love of God.I am truly touched by the letters, email and actions of those within the church, the hierarchy, the priests, the nuns, the religious from many countries. It is again very humbling and I feel very blessed to have been part of this Mission of God and Our Lady to have these words of beautiful encouragement and sincere concern and prayer from my church and her consecrated.So thank you so very, very much to each one of you; for your comments, prayers and sacrifices that you are doing for me and my family...may God bless you abundantly.As to my health, we continue to struggle forward. Last week I had a liver biopsy and it was found that the cancer has spread from the primary site in the esophagus and stomach into the liver. There is at this moment no medical cure only temporary control.The suffering is intensifying daily but I am thanking God for it. I know that seems a strange statement but as the pain becomes intense I have found that when I go deeply into my heart and call Our Lord and offer Him that suffering for those who do not know or reject Our Father, that pain becomes different. It still exists but it is happening on the outside. On the inside, there is a wonderful closeness and presence of God that is so reassuring, so loving that I have never felt anything like it before. I simply thank God for this time in my life regardless of the outcome as I feel I have the opportunity of a form of purification that I could never have found in any other way.There is however a long road ahead. That continuing need for purification as well as the hopeful complete opening of my heart that I never saw before was so closed to many things. God help me.The long course of chemo therapy begins on Friday the 8th of February. It is a strong dose of three chemicals over a long period of time since the cancer is so aggressive. I will really need your prayers now.....please.In conclusion I honestly thank God for this great opportunity and blessing I am being afforded. Each day I thank Him for His use of this disease to allow me to finally become a true child of God made in His image and likeness. Praise you Jesus, thank you Jesus, I love you Jesus. Thank you my Mother Mary, thank you for your love and faithfulness towards this unworthy servant of yours.My love and eternal gratefulness to each of you.Rick
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