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Our Journey in Peru

The official pilgrim Statue of the Virgin of Fatima from the Sanctuary of Portugal toured several cities of Peru from January 1

On December 12th, 2018 commemorating the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the mass was held in his honor in the parish of the divi

In the midst of the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mission was present at the hospital Edgardo Rebagliatti to renew

On December 16th, 2018, the third Sunday of Advent, Father Félix Barreto, chaplain General of the National Police of Peru, cons

Since June 2018, the Mission for the Love of God Worldwide has been supporting Father Luis Gaspar Uribe, Episcopal Vicar of Pas

With the desire to organize the last details for the festivity of Our Lady of Guadalupe the team of the Mission Peru met on Dec

On December 12th, at the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Father Litman Rodríguez celebrated the Mass in honor of Our Mother at


Where are we stablished?

Where are we established?