Through the project BABIES TO HEAVEN, 51 unborn children and corpses of newborns found in garbage dumps, bathrooms, and neighborhoods of the capital, where buried on the morning of Wednesday July 26th, at the Parque Santo Jaridnes de Santa Rosa, south of Quito.
The bodies of these little ones had remained in the Forensic Medicine department of the National Police since 2014, without being recognized: “We found out through the media that four children had been abandoned dead and we began to investigate and found out there were more, 91 babies to be precise, in the morgue. It was then, in 2016, that our intention begins to give them a worthy burial”, explained Amparo Medina, responsible for the project promoted by the family pastoral of the Archdiocese of Quito. 
With so many cases found, the family pastoral decided to invite people to adopt these babies to provide them a spiritual home. Several people and marriages who received this invitation, amoing which were members of the Mission For the Love of God, decided to be part of the adoptive parents who would perform the burial of the corpses. 
The desire of all the “adoptive parents” was to give love to the babies, the love they were denied, and to assure them they were now their family and as such would not cease to pray for them. 
The burial ceremony began with a very touching Eucharist. Then the little white boxes were carried by police officers to the place of their burial. According to Colonel Fausto Olivo, National Coordinator of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, this is the first time an act of this nature has been carried out. 
This ceremony of respect to human life has been an exceptional case in Quito and in Ecuador.  
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