Uruapan, Michoacán.On Sunday April 3rd, the renewal of the Consecration to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (the renewal 2a) and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, (1st renewal) of Nuestra Señora del Refugio through a Mass celebrated at 12:00 p.m. by Father Rafael López Orozco.During the homily, he expressed that this consecration was very important for the families to get each day closer to God through the Blessed Virgin Mary, establishing a Prayer Cenacle in their homes. He added that Mr. John Rick Miller founder of this Mission had been a man of God who devoted himself to propagating the consecration and rescuing family prayer and it was giving many fruits. That was "the Mercy of God", through the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide which is coming to the people. This city of Uruapan has now been established in five parishes and in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics, people who are sick and in need of God. He called upon the families to not hesitate in registering and to look forward to Enthroning Our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe, who will be our aid to get closer to God as a family and thus changing our Society. 800 people approximately were consecrated and 114 kits were distributed to new families who were consecrated. Father left the registry open for those families who would wish to receive the kit on the three following Sundays. It is noteworthy to mention that in this parish, only 3 missionaries have committed to the task of visiting the households fulfilling up to the 9th visit with great fruits and reporting healing, conversion, and even finding people who were missing. We thank God Our Father and Our Most Blessed Mother for these fruits.
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Where are we stablished?

Where are we established?