Las Sunday February 15th, Fr. Roberto Garcia celebrated a special Mass to send off the 8 Missionaries of the Parish of St. Paul Apostle. In his homily he emphasized that a missionary is Christ who goes to the homes to show them God’s merciful love, that they should be careful of not closing down the doors of God’s mercy, that people are hurt and suffering for so many situations that are affecting our Nation, that they should listen to them, to let them know that the Church does not reject them, and is not indifferent, that they would carry gafettes as a scapular to protect them so doubt could not enter their hearts, that they were going in the name of God not on their own, like Jesus sent His apostles and that they would carry a pouch because they were pilgrims. Father himself placed the scapular on them, gave them their pouch and sent them off to announce the “Good News” that there is a solution for all that ails us and that is…JESUS. At the end of the mas he announced the opening of a prayer cenacle in the Parish every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. with the Blessed Sacrament exposed. He told them that was another way to evangelize, not just walking, but also praying…it was a very emotional celebration.
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