Our journey


Our Lady of Fatima continues to tour in  Colombia.


For three months, the Mission has been preparing, under the lineaments of The Mission’s Manual for Consecrations, more than 15


In the Month of June, the Mission was invited by Father Luis Gaspar, Episcopal and Evangelization Vicar of the Archdiocese of L


Like every 12th of the month, a pilgrimage was carried out in the parish of St. Peter Apostle in the city of Querétaro.


On Wednesday October 10th, 2018, the Mission For the Love of God in Quito, met to pray the Holy Rosary and to celebrate the mon


The Mission For the Love of God  Worldwide brought  a canvas the size of the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe directly from the B


On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide celebrated a Holy Mass in the chapel of OLOG of the


On Wednesday August 1st, the mission committee in Zamora was invited to a Holy Hour in the Parish of St.


Where are we stablished?

Where are we established?