"...millions of little lights are going to produce a light so strong that those countries that have already turned off their lights and are living in darkness, are going to see it”.


About his life


John Rick Miller was American, born in New York on July 10th, 1948 within a Catholic family. Although from a very early age he had a deep feeling for God, mainly through the influence of his paternal grandparents, as he grew older and went to University he abandoned his prayer life and fell away completely from his faith. Interested in the things of this world, he entered corporate business and rose fairly quickly, becoming the CEO of several companies such as AstraZeneca and Cargill MacMillan and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, among others; in addition to being Chief of Party U.S. State Department trade and industry revitalization of Egypt.


How did his conversion come about?

Thanks to the insistence of his wife and the intercession of the Virgin Mary he had a massive conversion in 1988 and from then on began a ministry dedicated especially to the sick and downtrodden. Among the many apostolates he participated in are: the establishment of a great number of prayer cenacles in various countries of the world; he was one of the few lay people who have been allowed to preach the teachings of the Church in Cairo, Egypt; he co-founded along with Fr. Fred De L’Orme the Apostolate of St. Joseph; he founded and was Master of The Guild of Our Lady of Willesden at the Marian Sanctuary of London and helped build Roman Catholic Shrines in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary in India along with the Pallotine Order.


What moves him to begin this Mission?

In 2007 he visited Colombia and spoke with the then President, Álvaro Uribe, about the problems the country was facing and proposed the Consecration as a means to solve them. Thus the government, many of its leaders, the armed forces and the national police were consecrated. Then the Church consecrated Colombia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the first time and renewed its consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on October 12th, 2008. He was then invited to Venezuela and it was there that he understood Colombia had been the model for what God was calling him to do. Hence in 2009 he founded the “Mission For the Love of God Worldwide” as a call to all people to understand that God exists and that He loves us and that we must return to Him in all things.

On December 2012 he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He received different recognitions for his work from both Church and civil authorities especially from Mexico and Colombia, both in 2014. John Rick Miller was finally called to the Father’s House on May 30th, 2015 and his remains rest in Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doral, Florida.










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