On Sunday, July 16, 2016, 107 couples received the Sacrament of Marriage, it was full of love, faith, surrender, confidence; couples who had been sharing their lives for years and now presented themselves before God, to ask Him for His blessing for them and their children.Many media outlets were present, pointing out that it was "An act of faith of most significance for the past several years", since the brides and grooms - along with their families and friends - arrived at the Independence Square of the city of Quito with joy and hope to strengthen their marriage, with a resounding Yes in defense of the traditional family, so threatened at home and around the world. Many couples stated that they wanted to be an "example" for their children and grandchildren, so that they may surrender their lives and their marriages to the mercy of God and the intercession of the Virgin Mary, sealing with the Divine blessing all the years they have lived together.Monsignor Danilo Echeverria, auxiliary Bishop of Quito and the Director of the Pastoral for the family of Quito presided over the ceremony. He repeatedly said to the brides and grooms and all the attendees "not to fear love, tenderness; "not let the sun go down without asking each other for forgiveness... To open their hearts because it is in the family where the soul heals... to never lose hope, the family is the first church".Monsignor Echeverría and eight priests approached each couple and before them the bride and groom made the reading of the vows and exchanged the rings, all this accompanied by the song "Prayer for the families".After the ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral, brides and grooms went to the parapet for the group photo. After this and escorted by the knights of the Virgin, the brides and grooms went to the convent of la Concepción, where members of the mission For the Love of God Worldwide awaited them, to proceed with the ceremony of consecration of the brides and grooms and their families and the placing of the wedding bouquets at the feet of the image of Our Lady of Good Success. It was an act of deep surrender and trust, where the brides placed their hopes at the feet of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Monsignor Danilo Echeverria, read the prayer of consecration and at the end he said to the couples: " I am not going to deceive you, this act does not mean that from now on all will be a field of roses, that not will be, what will happen is that from now on you will be stronger, because now your families have the blessing and presence of the Lord and His Blessed Mother Mary ", be an example of courage and faith to your children and families." The Mission gave the brides and grooms a kit with scapulars; the brochure of the Prayed Rosary of the Mission; a Rosary that was made by the members of the Mission that while elaborating them they were praying for the new spouses and their families to accept Jesus and His mother Mary as the owners and guides of their lives.The Act ended with a small gathering that the Curia of Quito offered at Archbishop’s Palace for the couples and their families.
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