Consecration of the Parish of Jesus Christ High and Eternal Priest in the city of Queretaro For the consecration of the Parish of Jesus Christ High and Eternal Priest, an entire program of preparation and invitation of the faithful was prepared and it lasted 3 days. On October 5th, a Conference was organized at the School “Friendly Hand” (LC) at it was given by Manuel Capetillo. He lovingly and firmly helped the attendees to understand the importance of families praying the Holy Rosary, of consecration and the times we are living as a strong “call” to conversion, understanding that we are ‘children of God’ and that our Blessed Mother is the perfect means to return to our Faith. The relic of the Holy Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ as well as others of St. Fray Junipero Serra, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Veronica Giuliani, St. Toribio Romo and of other 17 saints were present at the event. On that day, Mass was celebrated by a legionary of Christ who is in charge of the School and by the Parish Priest, Fr. Arturo Thomas Jimenez, who gave a wonderful homily, encouraging the faithful to truly feel as God’s children. The next day, Fr. Thomas went to the Shrine of Or Lady of Schöenstat to consecrate himself after having gone through the preparation of 33 days, so he would be ready to consecrate his parish. A wonderful priest, teacher in the Seminary, who personally met the founder of the Mission, John Rick Miller, celebrated the Holy Mass. Also in the parish’s newsletter articles were published on the importance of the Consecration and the way in which they should prepare themselves in stages. Finally on October 7th, the program prepared for the Consecration of the Parish to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary came to completion. Fr. Arturo Thomas followed all the protocol for a Solemn Mass of Consecration with the sprinkling of holy water for the renewal of the baptismal vows. He also blessed the images of Our Lady of Guadalupe that 115 families took to their homes. We give thanks to Fr. Arturo Thomas Jimenez and to the Bishop of Queretaro, Msgr. Faustino Armendariz for all their support and we pray God our Father grants this beautiful community all the graces they will need to remain faithful to their consecration.Adjunto van fotos y tmb videos que puedes usar.Una vez que tengas esto ya le puedes mandar a Ana todos los links para su reporte de mañana ;)Bendiciones!
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