Police Mayor César Carrera, member of the Mission, receives the honor to be the carrier of the Relic Image of our Lady of Guadalupe, to solemnly enter in the city of Portoviejo, province of Manabí, in the coast of Ecuador which was whipped by the earthquake of 7.8 degrees the last 16 of April.The arrival of our Lady of Guadalupe to this people who have suffered much and are avid of faith and hope, has a special connotation, since the Relic Image starts its way on August 12th, in which She was received and venerated by the faithful at Mayor César Carrera’s home, waiting to start Her journey to Her final destination.On August 13th and after a long trip, Our Lady of Guadalupe arrives to Manabí and was greeted by a group of faithful who pledged to be with Her all night, under Her gaze through joyful prayer, bringing about tears of faith and hope.The next day, Our Lady of Guadalupe began her journey towards the Cathedral of Portoviejo, where her people was waiting for her with much joy. The Sacred Image entered the Cathedral on carried by the faithful on their shoulders, who were standing and crying greeting the "Mommy" who will ease their pain and will comfort them in their sorrows.Our Lady of Guadalupe was placed at the feet of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as if the message were: “You are not alone; here we are Mother and Son to console you".The Archbishop of Portoviejo, Monsignor Lorenzo Voltolini, thanked Mayor Carrera personally and through him ,the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide, for having made possible the arrival of the Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as symbol of faith and strength for a new awakening.
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