On Sunday, February 28 at 18:00 hours, a Mass of Consecration to "God the Father" was held at the parish of the Holy Trinity. People, who through the missionary action our mission offered them, did the consecrations to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the chaste heart of San Joseph. Approximately 335 people gave their Yes to God the Father. Before Holy Mass, there was an exhortation to the people to be attentive to the celebration with which we finished our Missionary Action. "Father Carlos Ortega Cerda in his homily said "we must return to God, fulfilling His Commandments not to be sterile fig trees and without fruit, because that's what God wants us to do; "His Will and not ours" so that we may be found full of delicious and juicy fruits in the place where we are". This consecration to God the Father was declared for the whole parish and then each person present responded loudly with his personal consecration. At the end, a representative of the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide thanked all the families, for saying 'yes' and having allowed to be visited and sharing with them the great value of this wonderful process. Afterwards, in the atrium of the parish the Catholic Parish EXPO was held, which comprises the experiences lived, with the intention of making known to the faithful, the richness with which the parish life is structured and where they can continue with their spiritual accompaniment. Each of the parochial groups was prepared with their stand to raise awareness and promote their apostolate to the consecrated. People came to know the richness offered by the parish, and began to sign up to start in various activities. It was far more appropriate to hand out at that moment the certificate to all those who completed their process of spiritual accompaniment. With great joy we share that as a result of this effort we have found the following: 792 households were visited, of which:235 homes have instituted in a formal way the Holy Rosary.20 prayer cenacles were established with 150 members, 2 in the parish, 2 in the chapel belonging to the parish, and 16 cenacles of neighbors.The total of consecrated people who went through the entire process of consecration at the 3 levels has been an approximately 2, 685 people. We thank the Council of the Mission for the Love of God Uruapan, Michoacán for the unconditional surrender and for having served with so much love, perseverance and patience.
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Where are we established?