Home Visits In The Rural Parish Of “The Mercy”On Thursday July 30th, members of the Mission held a meeting with Fr. Cesar Novoa, parish priest of “The Mercy”. The Mercy is a rural parish of the Metropolitan District of Quito, in a town located 25 km south east of the capital, in the Valley of Chillos. It has a population of 8,300 inhabitants, mostly Catholics. The Home Enthronement Program of Our Lady of Guadalupe was explained in detail to Fr. Cesar Novoa and he was very excited to come to know that She is our Patroness because he is very devoted to Her and sees in this Program a means to reach deeper into de Catholic faithful of his parish. He manifested he will gladly support and bless our work in the parish and invited the members of the Mission to participate in a Sunday Mass to begin approaching the parishioners. He also requested the Mission to join efforts with the work that the Movement John XXIII and the Dominican Sisters are already carrying out. Thus several meetings were held to better explain the enthronement program. Fr. Cesar also manifested his hope that the Mission might approach the parents of the children attending catechism in the future. The Holy Mass to send off the missionaries was celebrated by Msgr. Miguel Angel Aguilar, former military bishop of Ecuador, who is very fond of the Mission because of the work done in conjunction with him in the past for the consecration of several police and military detachments. Currently the Mission, together with the members of the Movement John XXIII, is carrying out the home visits in the following neighborhoods: Curiquingue, Las Palmeras and Bellavista.
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