The Mission’s International Director of Metanoia-Personal Change, Carol Rivera, visited Louisiana from December 13thto the 16th. 

Her first stop was in the town of Church Point where she joined in the prayer of the Fatima Rosary at Nelams’ Camp and spoke of the Mission, especially the need for personal conversion and to be willing to run the extra mile for God in these times where many are turning away from Him. 

Next day she spoke to all of the students of Our Mother of Peace School, going from classroom to classroom, explaining the meaning and importance of consecrating ourselves to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and of remaining faithful to God thru a daily relationship with Him nurtured by prayer from the heart. In the evening she met with members of the Mission in Gueydan to further explain the Mission programs, especially the Home Enthronement of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

On Saturday she travelled to Abbeville to meet with a group of people who had been interested in the Mission from her prior visit in the month of October. By the grace of God, they where very touched by the Mission’s charism and agreed to be part of the Mission’s Committee for the Parish of St. Therese. Later that day she returned to Church Point to speak at the 4:00 and 5:30 p.m. masses.  

On Sunday she spoke at all masses, inviting the faithful to become true children of God in all things, assuming their rightful calling as salt of the earth and light of the world. At the end of each mass there were sign up sheets and many left their names to get to know the Mission more and how they could join. Also on Sunday, after the Spanish mass, she spoke to the Hispanic community at a luncheon at the School’s Cafeteria, with both the parish priest, Msgr. Jefferson DeBlanc and his vicar, Père David Rozas, present, where she was able to go more in-depth into what the Mission consists in. 

We thank Msgr. Deblanc, Pére David Rozas and Fr. François for all their support and look forward to continue serving them.

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