State Coordinator Charlene Jannise of The Mission for the Love of God Worldwide and Michael Jannise were able to introduce and prepare over 60 Spanish and English-speaking parishioners from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Church Point, Louisiana. It included children and adults both consecrating themselves to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Fr. David Rozas contacted Charlene after his return from World Youth Day in Panama for a meeting to consider moving forward with the Mission in his parish. Consecration was agreed to be the first step to introduce the Mission there, however, a Mission Cenacle Rosary had been recited for over 5 years before.

For the past 8 weeks, Charlene and Mike Jannise met with both groups, preparing them for each to fully understand the depth of surrendering themselves completely to God The Father thru the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Solemn Mass of consecration took place on Palm Sunday for the Spanish group and the following day for the English. The preparations involved for this consecration during Lent were incredibly special – it was truly a Lenten Mission for all.  What a way to begin Holy Week for all involved as each person gave of themselves totally to the Two Hearts.The Candidates themselves began to feel more and more involved and interjected with their own testimonies and questions.

Father Rozas, along with Monsignor DeBlanc, were very supportive of the Mission’s suggestions and guidance for the Mass rituals. Father Rozas celebrated both masses and Monsignor concelebrated the English Mass in a most blessed and spiritual way.  Father Rozas helped to ensure that it was “special” for all the candidates. We thank them both for all their support!

  Consecration Report

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