The Basilica of the National Vow through its parish priest, Fr. Jose Fabian Camayo and a group of committed Catholics, the Soldiers of the Merciful Love of Jesus and Mary and the Mission For the Love of God Worldwide, presented their initiative to Msgr. Fausto Travez, Archbishop of Quito, to celebrate a Solemn Eucharist to beg for God’s help. It concluded with the procession in which a great number of faithful participated, including different Catholic gropus, religious from various congregations as well as civil and military delegations that walked with much fervor through the streets of the historic center of Quito.And so it was that on Sunday October 11th, the Archbishop and Primate of Ecuador, Msgr. Fausto Travez, convened the Institutions of the Armed Forces, the Police, Firemen and Civil Defense as well as the Catholic groups and Catholics in general to the GREAT PRAYERFUL PROCESSION in view of the great natural, social and material threats that encircle Ecuador and the world. It began with the Solemn Mass at the Basilica of the National Vow and continued on the streets of downtown Quito, accopmanied by the sculpture of Our Lady of “Panecillo”. This procession was presided by the cortege of the Fire Department who escorted the original image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus while the Catholic groups escorted the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the front of the crowd. In each mystery of the Rosary that was prayed during the procession we asked for:1. Rain, so the distressing drought and its grave consequences for Ecuador might come to an end. 2. The fearsome outcome that an eruption of the Volcano Cotopaxi might cause.3. The possible devastating effects of El Niño in the coasts.4. The economial and social situation in Ecuador and the whole world.5. The serious situation with the massive migration worldwide.6. The terrorism and bloodless wars that are taking place worldwide.7. The restoration of moral values in the families and in society.8. Asking the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart to fulfill their promises of protection to all the people and countries that have consecrated to them, remembering that Ecuador is the first country that was consecrated to the Two Hearts.Near the end of the procession, a light drizzle came that filled all of the participants with hope and enthusiasm.
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