In the midst of the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mission was present at the hospital Edgardo Rebagliatti to renew its consecration and the enthronement of the relic image that is venerated in the chapel of the hospital.

In his homily, Father Augusto Meloni, chaplain of this hospital, reminded us of the presence of St. Mary of Guadalupe in the midst of grief.   Our Savior and Redeemer comes in Mary to save us and this image represents Mary,  Mother and Virgin, with signs that clearly manifest, this poignant fact.  

The priest said, "what does that mean to us?That the fight against death, against disease, we do not deal with it alone, not only the professionals, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospital staff, here or in any other hospital, deal with it, but  the Lord of life comes himself in person , to tell us that we are not alone, echoing the words that our Mother says to San Juan Diego: "Am I not here that am your mother?" and those words must resonate in our hearts. "

During the renewal of the consecration to the Sacred Hearts, the prayer was recited by Father Augusto Meloni, chaplain; Dr. Carlos French Yrigoyen, clinical manager; Dr. Ausberto Chunga Chunga, president of the Medical Corps; and Dr. Moraya Ulloa Ascencio, Vice president of the Medical Corps.  65 faithful present also consecrated themselves and at the end of the mass, they placed the painting of Santa Maria of Guadalupe back on the wall where it is venerated.

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