Thanks to the Lord and the Blessed Virgin, we were blessed to begin Lent,  with prayer and teaching on Wednesday, February 16, 2020, at the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe ,  at the home of the Acquaviva family, who always open the doors to us with great love.

We began with prayer of the Holy Rosary, while the priest imparted the Sacrament of Reconciliation to some members of the Mission for the Love of God and after that, we attended  Holy Mass of Ash Wednesday, presided by Father Ivan Paucar, to whom we thank  very especially for the deference he had with us as he celebrated this Holy Eucharist and imposed  ashes on us.

Then Mr. Manuel Arouca, catholic writer and screenwriter, gave us a talk on the history of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Fatima, Portugal and answered the questions that the members of the Mission had. He also told us about his testimony of conversion.

Prior to this Wednesday, Mr. Manuel Arouca had a busy schedule in agreement with the Mission, namely:


  • Tourist visit to the center of the world line , climb to the hill of Virgen del Panecillo, which has two beautiful wings that signify the special protection for all the inhabitants of Quito. He also visited the historic center of Quito where he could appreciate several Churches and prostrate before the Holy Sacrament at the Church of the Sagrario.
  • Special interview with Mother Superior of the Conceptionist Sisters Convent, Sister Inés María.
  • Interview on Radio Maria
  • Talk at the parish of Buen Pastor, located in Tumbaco on the outskirts of Quito.
  • Talk at the Church of San Pedro de Cumbayá.


We thank all those who made it possible for Manuel to visit us and to reach with his message not only to the members of the Mission but to the general public.

We hope that his visit to Quito had been pleasant for Manuel and may the Lord will continue to fill him with blessings so that he may continue to carry his Word through his Catholic writings, novels and films which  help to understand the love of God and the Virgin Mary.

We attach a brief biography of writer Manuel Arouca

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