On Monday November 14th, several members of the Mission went to the town of Crucita in the Province of Manabí, with much love and gratitude to the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, wanting to live an experience of faith and hope with their brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake on April 16th. Convinced that the first mission should take place in our homes, they began praying that God would be their guide and that He would speak through them, as missionaries going out in His name. The whole town of Crucita and its parish priest, Fr. Oswaldo Macías, opened their homes to the missionaries, and each visit they made was different but all were a motivating and enriching experience in the spiritual dimension; as Pope Francis says: “I want a mess, I want the Church to go into the streets”. And that’s what they were invited to do, to go into the streets, to knock on doors and make God known in their lives, their current reality.They were received in the homes where our Lord sent them and they shared with them a valuable time, listening to their realities, life experiences, putting themselves in their shoes to feel their pain and their needs, asking them to exercise their faith, for he who waits in the Lord never loses his ways and reminded them that family prayer is the surest remedy to all troubles. The missionaries also spoke of Consecration to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary through their own life experiences and made them aware of the need of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary and to declare Our Lady of Guadalupe as their life Intercessor before Our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father.On Thursday November 17th, in a ceremony full of gratitude, faith and hope, the inhabitants of Crucita consecrated themselves to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and Our Lady of Guadalupe was enthroned in each home. Fr. Oswaldo Macías was very grateful and satisfied with the activities carried out and prayed for the intentions of the Mission and asked that this visit could be repeated as an act of faith and devotion.

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